EDDM Postcards

Starting at $303.81

  • Printed on Premium 14pt. Cardstock
  • UV2 or UV1 Gloss
  • Custom Finishing Options
  • Super-Fast Turnaround
  • Single or Double-sided Printing
  • Mailing Services Information

EDDM Postcards
4/4 prints both sides

Coatings information

No Folding

Banded in 100's per USPS requirements. What is Banding?

Prices do not include postage. Postage is determined by your EDDM routes-please contact customer service for a postage estimate

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Direct mail postcards are a great way to reach a large group of customers in a particular geographical area, but a new promotion by the US Postal Service is making direct mail advertising cheaper and more efficient than ever. For as little as 16.5 cents a postcard, the USPS will mail your retail business advertisement to every door in a specified area you don't even need to have a mailing address!

With Every Door Direct Mail, there's no need to worry about postage permit costs, mailing lists and figuring out how to work with a business mail entry unit. Since EDDM is mailed through the Post Office, all you have to do is drop off your mailers at the Post Office and let them do the work for you, while you save money and avoid the hassle of traditional direct mail services. By eliminating the costs of maintaining a mailing permit and purchasing mailing lists, combined with a 66% savings on postage compared to First Class mail, EDDM will be an extremely powerful marketing tool for your business!

If you don't want to prep these orders to specifications or go to the Post Office yourself, no problem-we'll take care of that as well. Simply select the appropriate add-on once you choose your product.

Cardstock Mailers: 6.5 x 9, 6.5 x 11, 8.5 x 11

No postage permit is required Mailing a postcard through the Post Office the traditional way can cost up to $450 just to open an account. This annual fee has been waived for mailing EDDM retail.

No mailing list needed, the Post Office takes care of it! The post office is promoting a simplified address, which doesn't require the use of a costly mailing list. You simply include the words "Postal Customer" on your mailer and the Post Office will deliver it to the mailing routes that you request.

Larger format than a standard postcard and much cheaper At 6.5 x 11 and larger, these mailers give you over 3 times the amount of space as a traditional postcard. This increased visibility will help improve response, and at around 9 cents cheaper per postcard, it will save you money, too!

As easy as dropping off mail at the Post Office With EDDM, there's no need to go through the challenge of finding and understanding how to work with a business mail entry unit. EDDM Retail can be mailed from any Post Office, and you can pay with cash, check or debit card. With the ease of mailing a package, you can reach entire neighborhoods with your business's message.

Don't want to mail it yourself? No problem we can take care of everything for you!

Design your business cards right the first time by using a template. Our templates are setup accurately assuring your print job is produced properly. To download, click the download template button below:

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